Top Play-to-Earn Crypto Games List 2023

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The concept of Play to Earn means making money by playing games. Thanks to NFT technology, game items on the blockchain have become tradeable and convertible. Players both have fun by playing games and earning passive income. In this article, we examine the most popular Play to Earn projects for you.

1. The Sandbox

The Sandbox project is the most creative game platform in the play-to-earn category. The fact behind this success is that it is a community-based project. The game, which has many similarities with Minecraft, uses NFT technology. You can sell the assets you create in-game for SAND Tokens or trade them with other players.

2. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, which is a fun way of playing games, can be considered a monster training game. You can earn money by breeding different types of monsters and also you can trade your items and monsters. The game has 3 different modes in total and players can fight each other. The game has its token. If you breed Axie, which we call monsters in the game, you can earn SLP token (Smooth Love Potion). There is also a free version of the Axie Infinity game. However, the development of game characters is limited in this version.

3. Defi Kingdoms

This game, produced on the Harmony One Blockchain, is a classic RPG (Role Playing Game) game type. You can progress in the game by producing your resources in a certain region and improving your character. Defi Kingdoms, one of the favorite games in the Play to Earn category, allows earning JEWEL Tokens in-game. If you wish, you can convert your earned JEWEL tokens into Harmony One coins.

4. Sorare – Fantasy Football

Sorare, a fantasy football game, is played with the statistics of real leagues. You can participate in weekly football tournaments by collecting player cards. The performance of your players during the week affects your ranking score for that week. Sorare- Fantasy Football includes hundreds of licensed football clubs. There is no need to pay any fee in the first stage of the game. However, if you want to progress next level, you may have to pay for some rare cards.

5. Gods Unchained

The game runs entirely on NFT-based cards. The main goal is to fight against other players using the cards you have. Each card has different features and it is necessary to determine the most suitable strategy for these features. You can collect experience points as you use your cards and play the game. If you wish, you can convert your cards into GODS tokens. Gods Unchained is free to play, but some cards are sold because of their rarity.

6. Star Atlas

The game has not yet launched in the Star Atlas project, but the spaceships are on sale. After acquiring the spaceships, some food for the crew and certain necessities for space travel must also be bought. The larger your fleet of ships, the higher your daily earnings. There is currently no free game option in the Star Atlas project. The first version of the game is expected to be released in July 2022. Players can also join the games as a team and have space battles with other teams.

7. Zoo Crypto World

The game is a play-to-earn project based on the theme of the zoo. You can collect keys by opening the chests in the game. Thanks to these keys you collect, earn money by buying NFTs. You can also earn ZOO coin, the project’s token, by playing the game again.

8. Alien Words

It is one of the games with the widest and different actions in the play-to-earn category. You can fight, spy, and explore in this game. You can compete with other players thanks to the management and development of your platform. There are different missions in the game and you can level up by completing these missions. The prize of the game, TLM Coin, is listed on many famous exchanges.

9. Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia (MoD) is hailed to be the next Axie Infinity. Developed by two blockchain startups, Workinman Interactive and Chromia Studios, the game launched in Nov. 2021. MoD is the first 2D blockchain with procedurally generated levels. The player actively controls a miner, similar to an arcade platformer game.

Just like in Axie Infinity, players can also buy land plots with the game’s main token DAR, first launched on Binance Smart Chain. These land NFTs can be rented in exchange for DAR rewards, used for DAR giveaways, or for resource airdrops. The maximum DAR supply is 800 million coins.

10. My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is building upon the success of Farmville. This was Facebook’s game launched in 2009, spawning the virtual farming management franchise. My Neighbor Alice shares its pedigree by being a multiplayer blockchain game. Likewise, it borrows inspiration from Animal Crossing, published by Ninentio as a social simulation game.

All the in-game assets available, such as animals, vegetables, houses, decorations, and outfits, can only be purchased with ALICE tokens. This is the game’s cryptocurrency, enabling players to trade NFTs, buyback, staking, and collateralization. These DeFi features allow players to rent their NFT land to others.


Play-to-earn games are the hottest trend right now within the cryptocurrency space, and with the various implementations of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), players are given more control over their in-game assets than ever before.

Players are also given the opportunity to earn tokens by playing the games directly or by creating and then selling in-game NFTs on specific marketplaces. These are the top games that will pay the most and are worth pouring your time into if you want something interesting to play.

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