Does Leslie's take Apple Pay?

Leslie's Pool Supplies, founded in 1963, has become a leading retail destination for pool and spa owners, offering a comprehensive range of products and services to maintain and enhance aquatic spaces. With a commitment to providing quality pool supplies and expert advice, Leslie's has established itself as a trusted partner in the maintenance and enjoyment of residential and commercial pools.

At Leslie's, customers can find an extensive selection of pool and spa products, including chemicals, cleaners, pumps, filters, heaters, and accessories. The retail stores are designed to cater to a diverse range of pool needs, from routine maintenance to more complex equipment installations. Knowledgeable staff members are available to offer guidance on water testing, product selection, and troubleshooting, ensuring customers have the support they need to keep their pools in optimal condition.

Leslie's not only focuses on product sales but also offers professional pool services such as equipment installation, repair, and maintenance. The brand's commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in its dedication to providing solutions for both novice pool owners and experienced enthusiasts.

With a widespread presence across the United States, Leslie's Pool Supplies has positioned itself as a go-to destination for individuals seeking high-quality pool and spa supplies along with expert advice to make pool maintenance accessible and efficient. The brand's dedication to customer education, service excellence, and a comprehensive product range has solidified its reputation as a leader in the pool supply industry.

Digital Payment Methods at Leslie's

Contactless PaymentsYes ✅
Google Pay In-storeYes ✅
Google Pay OnlineNo ❌
Apple Pay In-storeYes ✅
Apple Pay OnlineYes ✅

Leslie's Digital Payment Methods FAQ

Does Leslie's Take Contactless Payments?

Yes, Leslie's accepts Contactless Payments.

Does Leslie's Take Google Pay In-store?

Yes, Leslie's accepts Google Pay in-store as a payment method.

Does Leslie's Take Google Pay Online?

No, Leslie's doesn't accept Google Pay Online as a payment method.

Does Leslie's Take Apple Pay In-store?

Yes, Leslie's accepts Apple Pay in-store as a payment method.

Does Leslie's Take Apple Pay Online?

Yes, Leslie's accepts Apple Pay Online as a payment method.

This listing was last updated on 1/29/2024